Positive Firewall security solution

As the technology required to run your business evolves, so does the volume and complexity of threats against it. Our robust portfolio of comprehensive, industry-leading products and solutions provides unmatched protection with reduced complexity and reduced maintenance costs, from the endpoint to the data center to the cloud. Some of our security solutions include Network, Data, Firewall, Web, Email, Applications, and Cyber Security.


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Innovative technologies drive business performance today, and it’s the network that powers this digital age. Our future-proof networking solutions help you connect, collaborate and stay agile while taking control of your network’s future and reducing data center costs. With wired and wireless solutions ranging from large-scale corporate campus networks to small offices, we are the first to provide comprehensive, secure and easy-to-manage network solutions that will meet your needs today and in the future.


4G, 5G

There’s a wide range of 4G/5G Core Products, which provides service management and control of the 4G/5G services. It automatically manages and controls data sessions, enabling new business models. In addition, PCRF LTE also has the function of helping other devices other than the 3GPP networks such as Wi-Fi or fixed broadband devices to easily access the 4G/5G LTE network.


Fiber to the x or fiber in the loop is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last mile telecommunications.

Optical Line Terminal (OLT)

  • Support optical fiber link protection
  • Support optical link measurement and diagnosis
  • Support translation, Transparent, QinQ and other VLAN modes
  • Support IGMP Proxy, Snooping
  • Support CTC controllable multicast, support IGMP v2/v3
  • Support standard, extended and user-defined ACL, support 128-byte depth detection
  • Support DBA, traffic classification, priority and queue mapping, queue scheduling and congestion management
  • Support ONT pre-authorization, pre-configuration
  • Support ONT business template, ONT batch upgrade
  • Support real-time alarm detection, performance monitoring
  • Support upstream and downstream encryption and FEC
  • Support CLI + Web management + NMS
    • 4 Port EPON OLT
    • 8 Port EPON OLT
    • 8 Port GPON OLT
    • 16 Port GPON OLT

Optical Network Terminal (ONT)

  • Support PON, VoIP, CATV, Wi-Fi, USB integration
  • Plug and play, integrated automatic detection, automatic configuration and automatic firmware upgrade technology
  • Integrated OMCI and TR-069 remote configuration and maintenance functions
  • Supports flexible QinQ VLAN, DHCP server/relay and IGMP/ MLD multicast monitoring
  • Support optical path diagnostic monitoring, remotely disable optical path
  • Fully compatible with Huawei, ZTE, Richerlink, V-Sol, C-Data OLT
  • Support for 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi (2T X 2R)
  • Support NAT, firewall function
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 dual stacks
  • POTS integrated circuit test confirms to GR-909
  • WAN port supports bridge, router and bridge/router hybrid mode
    • No WIFi ONTS
      • 1GE EPON ONT
      • 1GE XPON ONT
    • Single Band WiFi ONTs
      • 1GE+1FE+2.4GW ONT (AD2X-1110)
      • 1GE+1FE+2.4GW+1VoIP ONT (AD2X-1111)
    • Dual Band WiFi ONTs
      • 2GE+(2.4G+5G)W+1VoIP ONT (AD2X-2021)
      • 4GE+(2.4G+5G)W+1VoIP ONT (AD2X-4022)